Using Neurofeedback To Cure ADHD

ADHD Brain WavesAttention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a childhood behavioral disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of lack of attention and/or impulsivity that hinders  many aspects of a child’s normal development or functioning. This is a frequent, complex condition affecting an estimated 11 percent of American children (according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). While a cure for this disorder is lacking, traditional treatment relies on diminishing the symptoms and improving daily performance. To achieve this, medication (which often results in significant side-effect), psychotherapy, education or training are used separately or combined. In addition to this, a more innovative, complementary treatment option is gaining ground – neurofeedback.

How does it work?

Normally, when focusing on a task, brain activity speeds up to accelerate the processing of the information. According to the current scientific model, people with ADHD have an excessive number of theta brain waves (slow brain waves associated with relaxation) while having insufficient beta waves (fast waves associated with concentration). Neurofeedback therapies are designed to boost the number of fast waves and reduce the number of slow ones, enhancing concentration on cognitive tasks.

In a typical training setting, patients are required to watch movies, play video games, listen to audio sequences while staying connected to a set of sensors that pass the data to a computer. The computer is programmed to alter the flow of the training activity (e.g. stop the video) in the presence of erratic, unbalanced brain waves (abnormal number of slow and fast brain waves). Pausing and restarting the activity for numerous times over the duration of the session helps to produce more normal brain waves that translates into a better focus and relaxation.

The patients can also monitor their own brain wave patterns (for instance on a screen, or integrated in a video game) opening the potential to manipulate them and achieve better self-control. For instance, during a therapy session, they can “watch” which methods allow their brain to function most efficiently. Later, while going of the sensors, they can use these same methods in daily activities. Neurofeedback training can help children learn “to activate” their brains when needed, which is especially crucial for their normal studying.

What research validates the method?

There are several scientific studies into the efficiency of neurofeedback that prove a significant positive effect. Although the use of neurofeedback for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has been quite controversial for years, scientific support for this method is starting to grow considerably. In fact, in 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics rated the treatment as a level one “Best Support” solution for ADHD (along with medication and behavioral therapy).

A recent large trial from 2014, involving over one hundred children (7-11 years old) with ADHD who passed 40 sessions of in-school computer attention training and were then evaluated 6 months after the training, revealed that the children undergoing treatment made more prompt and greater improvements in their symptoms compared to the control ones. The results have been published in the Pediatrics journal with an impact factor of 5.8.

Despite all the positive results from research and practice, it is worth keeping in mind that, to this day, neither behavioral therapy nor neurofeedback are generally used as stand-alone treatments for ADHD, with most doctors relying on traditional medication as well. San Diego neurofeedback specialist, Dr. Michael Villanueva, believes that neurofeedback may be the single most powerful tool for correcting ADHD. His years of clinical experience have demonstrated the immense power of neurofeedback in altering maladaptive brain wave patterns, especially those arising from ADHD.

How to Choose a Top Property Management Company to Handle Your Properties with Ease

Property Management InvestmentsDeciding on a property management company is not always an easy task, especially if you’re new to real estate. Any investor looking to rent either residential or commercial properties needs a reliable property management company, however, to deal with issues such as renovation, periodic cleaning, collecting rent and paying all the bills on your behalf when they’re due.


As a landlord or investor, you need to make sure that the homes and spaces you rent out are properly managed, so that you don’t have to actually do anything more than sit back and wait for the cash to pour in. While this can be a highly convenient prospect, you also need to ensure that the property management work itself is done seamlessly, and is also cost-effective.


Identify What You Need

What types of properties do you need help with? Is there any specific renovation or repair work you need completed? What are the main issues that you’ve encountered with tenants in the past? All these questions will help you decide on exactly the types of services you will need from a property management service.


Depending on the number of properties and rental units you own, as well as the number of tenants you have, you don’t always need a property management service, as long as you’re willing to go around town collecting rent and dealing with complaints.


However, all the difficulties involved with real estate maintenance can pile up. You’ll then need a knowledgeable and experienced team of property management experts like Leasing San Diego Property Management  to help you with anything from finding new prospects, to making sure your existing tenants are happy, cleaning services are on time, and leaky roofs are quickly dealt with.


Comb the Market and Compare Services

Comparing services simply involves looking up what each company can do. Larger companies usually handle multiple, large commercial and residential companies, while smaller ones may delegate many of their tasks to other businesses.


The best kind of service you should be looking for is a company that has been in business for a while, and only outsources work such as cleaning, repairs and other “hands-on” labor.


What’s most important to remember, however, is their approach to situations that require either a diplomatic or decisive demeanor. For example, you don’t want a property management company that will scare your lodgers into submission, but you also want them to be assertive enough to promptly collect the rent when it’s due.


There are, essentially, as many different approaches to property management, as there are property management companies. Once you compare their various services, however, and take a closer look at how they perform next to the actual services you need help with, it will be easy to figure out exactly which company to go with.


Find the Right Price

Finding the best price simply involves some basic arithmetic calculations. You need to know exactly how much you are expecting to pay for bills, taxes, maintenance and occasional repairs, and calculate how much more you could additionally spend on a property management service, so that you’d keep your profits intact.


Usually, it will be best to choose a company in the upper price range that you can afford, to ensure the work is done by true professionals. Once you have all the stats, all you need to do is get online and look up the right service.

Using Wine Barrel Bar Stools To Add A Hip Look To Your Home

wine barrel bar stoolIf you’re looking for ways to improve comfort as well as looks in your home, then you can’t go wrong with wine barrel bar stools. These are made from sturdy oak saves fastened with stainless steel, with or without cushion and with a plethora of design choices, finishes and sizes. These chairs are built to last for a lifetime, and your family members will certainly get fond of them, as well as your guests.

Sturdy wine barrels in the making

These bar stools are made from original wine barrels. These barrels are made from strong oak wood so they can hold huge quantities of wine until it ages. After the wine matures and is transferred into bottles, these barrels become available to creative craftsman who choose this material due to its incredible strength and durability.

A natural material with an original finish

The great part about this type of furniture is that each oak stave has its own unique pattern. The blends of hard and soft layers of wooden fibers grow even stronger in contrast as the wood ages, and craftsmen usually add just a thin layer of natural lacquer to complement the natural hardiness and waterproofness of wood to allow it to look great even after many years of use.

Heavy duty steel fasteners for increased durability

These oak staves are usually reinforced with heavy duty steel fasteners. These, along with joints made from the same strong steel, ensure that the chairs are sturdy enough to hold even heavier persons while also ensuring that they are flexible, in case of some models. You can’t get better durability than what these oak wine barrel bar stools can offer.

A wide range of design choices

There is a great deal of wine barrel stools to choose from, ranging from the small, thin and stylish models to chairs with back and arm rests that are great for heavy use. You can put these good looking chairs in front of the kitchen counter, in the living room or outside on the porch, sitting at a round table and sharing stories with friends. No matter which use you have in mind for them, they will certainly fit and look awesome regardless.

Spending quality time in comfy chairs

These chairs aren’t just good looking, but they are also incredibly comfortable. Despite their oak structure, the natural curves of the staves make them a perfect fit and a natural position that won’t strain your back. There are also models with cushions which could increase comfort even more.

An environmentally friendly choice that looks incredibly good

If all the above aren’t enough, there is also an environmental benefit to getting wine barrel stools. After the wine matures, these oak barrels are either put to reuse, or after they pass a certain age, they might be discarded. Rather than ending up as firewood or in the landfill, they can become beautiful bar stools instead and last for a lifetime while also providing comfort to family members and visitors alike. So get yourself some wine barrel bar stools and get the comfort you deserve while also beautifying your home.

What Is Classical Dressage and Why Is It So Important?

Classical Riding LessonsClassical dressage has been around since the 15th century, when brute force training finally became obsolete, as riders began to realize that their horses responded much more positively and improved their performance as a result of a more positive and natural approach to dressage.

This form of dressage has now evolved into a competitive sport, but for many it remains the most important approach to training horses, establishing more harmonious methods of interaction and even bonding with them at a much deeper and more meaningful level.

Understanding Classical Dressage

Cavalry movements and the training of battlefield horses has slowly evolved into the fine art that is classical dressage. Since the time of Xenophon, the importance of reward and praise when it came to training horses was considered paramount, and from the 1600s to the Victorian Era, the practice of classical dressage has been slowly polished into a fine art.

But what is classical dressage anyway? Experts consider it the best way to train horses into a variety of sophisticated movements, and consider it a much more natural approach to the training process. Most classical dressage methods focus on emphasizing the natural abilities of horses and seek to refine those movements, so that the horse may be able to perform them just as well in the wild, as with a rider. Classical riding lessons are quite different to some of the modern techniques and are quite worth pursuing if you wish to perform classical dressage.

Reproducing the natural, wild behavior of horses in a more controlled manner allowed even early trainers to improve the health and mood of their horses, as well as the bond and trust between horse and rider. Many have even managed to understand their horses at a much deeper and more basic level, so that they were able to train them to perform even the most daring and difficult feats with relative ease.

Differences Between Classical and Competitive Dressage

Competitive dressage stems from classical dressage, even though many experts and classical dressage masters consider that its methods are actually based on a more diluted form of the pure classical instructions and techniques established by the classical dressage masters of old.

The basic difference is that, while competitive dressage seeks to pursue training and improvement through competition, classical dressage is more focused on the actual art and its refinement.

Current classical dressage masters are few, and their main goal has always been to continually study and practice until they are able to get as close as they can to perfection when it comes to achieving harmony with their horses and being able to perfect both their own skills and abilities and those of the horse.

As a pursuer of classical dressage, you will find the beauty and majesty of this art to be translated into striking advantages on all levels, including the improvement of your equestrian skills, stamina, endurance and accuracy.

There is also a certain kind of magic associated with classical dressage that every equestrian aspires toward. Whether you simply love horses, and would like to establish a closer bond to your own animal companions, or you want to become a master in your own right someday, classical dressage is definitely worth the effort.

Finding a Reliable MFT Supervisor – What You Need to Know

A marriage and family therapy supervisor can make things easier for you and your institution, ensuring that all administrative tasks are properly organized and that cases, treatments and diagnosis related decisions are properly reviewed, addressed and possibly modified, according to what the requirements of the situation may entail.

Before hiring a good marriage and family therapy supervisor, you need to know precisely who to look for and how to deal with the screening process. This course of action will lead to your ability to make an informed decision about who to hire and understand what responsibilities a reliable supervisor should be capable of dealing with.

The Profile of a Skilled Supervisor

It is extremely important that MFT institutions and organizations be staffed with responsible, competent and compassionate individuals who are knowledgeable about the most important issues associated with the administrative and organizational aspects of managing tasks within the organization.

The supervisor you hire will have particularly significant responsibilities with regards to these tasks, so there are a number of important things to look for before hiring anyone for the job:

• They should, first of all, be specialized in issues such as administrative tasks, clinical supervision for dealing with substance abuse and various co-occurring disorders and working together with the treatment team to coordinate the provision of appropriate treatment and care to clients and their families.
• They need to be able to interact easily both with internal programs and external organizations, such as schools and community personnel.
• MFT experts have excellent communication skills, and can actively and efficiently deal with case management tasks, such as obtaining client information and identifying the problems that clients have to deal with, while engaging with them in the first steps on the path to resolution.
An MFT supervisor also needs to have a significant degree of experience and skill in providing and facilitating rehabilitation services for patients who need to reintegrate themselves into society, improve their functional, social and daily living skills and acquire the resources they need for an improved life.

It’s a good idea in most cases to also ensure that the individual in question is able to talk to patients and families compassionately and display a good degree of sensitivity when it comes to the cultural and language needs of both clients and their family members.

Important Tips for Hiring

When hiring a supervisor, always make sure from the start that you are dealing with a serious, competent, responsible, active and compassionate individual who is genuinely interested in the cause and goals followed by MFT institutions.

Experience, references and education are always a plus, however, the most important considerations have to do with the actual organizational and social skills of the candidate, their ability to integrate in an organization such as yours and take up a role of leadership, and their empathic abilities when it comes to connecting with clients and providing them with practical, helpful assistance from the very start.

Hiring a marriage and family therapy supervisor can be a trying task at times, but with some prior research and the consideration of the advice presented here, you should easily be able to find the right person.

Do You Need A San Diego Mortgage Broker Alternative?

Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or upgrade your current one, getting the loan you need might be more difficult than you might have thought, and that is a good reason to start looking for a San Diego mortgage broker alternative. Doing so would provide you to access to more lenders so that you can choose the right loan for your needs while also saving time and money.
So what is a mortgage broker?
In case you haven’t heard of a mortgage broker, what you need to know is that he is a professional specialized in helping people find the right loans for their needs. While a mortgage broker doesn’t offer loans himself, he has a wide knowledge of the mortgage market, lenders, practices as well as connections in the industry, so he is your best bet in finding an advantageous mortgage loan. Rather than spending a lot of time and resources while looking for a mortgage loan, you could hire a San Diego mortgage broker alternative and let him do the work for you.
Save a lot of time and hassle
The mortgage loan market is like a battlefield and the competition is fierce. That doesn’t mean that the consumer is the one who always wins, especially with all the tough eligibility standards as well as shady businesses appearing overnight. You could be spending weeks while looking for the best loan, and that still won’t guarantee success. The good news is that you could hire a mortgage broker that can find the best lenders for you so you don’t have to waste your time and go through the frustration. You also get help with documentation as well as other legal procedures that might eat a lot of your time.
Save money on down payments and rates
Perhaps the best thing about using an alternative  San Diego mortgage broker is that you get to save a lot of money. A mortgage broker not only knows how to find the best mortgage loans, but he will come with multiple offers so that you can choose the one with the best terms. That is because a mortgage broker has access to databases which are not readily available to normal people as well as connections in the mortgage industry, thus ensuring that you get access to more loans.

This professional might also be able to negotiate the terms, especially if you have a good credit score. With the help of a mortgage broker you can get the lowest mortgage rates and thus save money that could easily run in the thousands of dollars over the years. You might also find a mortgage loan with a lower down payment and thus keep the cash to invest in new furniture, renovations or other important things.

You could be purchasing your next home in the fastest amount of time possible with the help of a broker. So make sure that you obtain the right loan for your needs and that you save time and money in the process by hiring the best San Diego mortgage broker alternative near you.

3 Among The Many Awesome Artists In San Diego

There are many artists in San Diego. Some are very known while most of them prefer to be out of the limelight.

We are now sharing 3 among many artists that are proud product in San Diego.
Note: by featuring these 3 artists here in my site does not follow that they are the only and most famous artists in the city. Of course there are many out there.

This listing is also unique because we are not be talking about their lives and biography (I just find it boring) instead, we will be sharing the latest things about them 🙂

My goal is to share their latest achievement and emphasizing at the same time that they are from San Diego! 😉

In the coming weeks, I will be featuring more artists. The first 3 are the following:

Suzy Spafford
L.A.-based companies Lawless Entertainment and Toon Googles have reached a distribution deal for 10 episodes of animated preschool series Suzy’s Zoo: A Day with Witzy.

Toon Goggles will stream the two-minute eps, which are animated using watercolor-like illustrations, on its family entertainment on-demand platform, which showcases animated and live-action content through its app for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

Credits: Toon Goggles picks up 10 eps of Suzy’s Zoo series » Kidscreen
Concetta Antico
When California-based artist Concetta Antico looks up at the night sky, she doesn’t just see pitch black. Instead, the night sky transforms into brilliant blues, violets, and even green-hued colors. Antico tells us that she can even detect the glow surrounding stars. The moon is surrounded by a rainbow hue. For Antico, the night sky is alive with color.

Concetta Antico’s painting of a tetrachromat moon (Courtesy Concetta Antico)Why does Antico observe the world in a completely different way than the rest of us? The answer lies in her genes. The artist tested positive for the tetrachromacy gene, meaning she has four cone cells in her eyes (though it’s difficult to determine if she is a tetrachromat conclusively, as the gene is not always expressed). Credits: What’s a Tetrachromat? Meet a Person Who Sees 100 Million Colors …
Tim Bradstreet
I got permission from your friends and mine at Alcon to share a little something pretty.  Check it out…


 Credits: Tim Bradstreet is a God. – |

I know. This post is a treat for art lovers alike, right!? 😉 These 3 San Diego artists are awesome beyond words.

I agree also that the last one with Tim is so cool – no need for more words to appreciate the art work!

This is just one of the reasons why we love art – it’s beauty that felt deeply and no words can ever express. With that said, till next post! 😉

Not So Known Piece Of Art In San Diego?

San Diego is not only known for its amazing weather and white-sand beaches. It has also a lot of things to offer from good foods, nice people, arts, and colorful history – no wonder why it is called  as “America’s Finest City”

Since I am into art, let’s talk about the hidden art treasure and wonderful artists alike.

The city supports art and showcases the talent of the artists living here in San Diego. It also support various art society.

In fact, there are various art gallery around the city and it held number of art gallery presentations.

One of it is the recent comic art gallery.

The San Diego Comic Art Gallery (SDCAG) is proud to announce the Comic Book Art of Star Wars exhibition, which will run from November 21st through January 31st, 2016. The exhibit will feature 30 pieces of rare Star Wars original art from the very first comic book series that was released by Marvel Comics in 1977.

The majority of these originals are from the first six issues, which adapted the blockbuster George Lucas film. Included in this landmark display are many key and historically significant pages. Credits: San Diego Comic Art Gallery Presents The Comic Book Art of Star …

When you are in San Diego, one of the must do here is going to art galleries and get one as a souvenir and gift for your self or friends.

It won’t be difficult to find good piece of art as there are many galleries in the city.

One tip: be friendly with fellow tourists and locals and then ask them to guide you and give you advice on what to buy.

Do you want to find out a well designed fine art painting from a gallery? Then you should visit to the best gallery present in your city and pick the best design as per your preferences.You may come across with multiple designs and themes available out there. Hence it might be little tricky to obtain the best one as per your desire. However, you can make this task easier by following the right mode of search and taking all your preferences into consideration. Credits: Finding the Right Fine Art Gallery San Diego – Artist & Art Blog …

Artists from San Diego are also going online to sale their craft. For people who live far from the city and do love art and want to buy one from San Diego talented artists, it is now easy and convenient for them – they can now already have the art of their dream in just a click away. Just a reminder though to make due diligence in buying so that you only get the genuine one.

Now you can find best San Diego art gallery by going online in order to buy art work at reasonable price.

Finding best online San Diego art gallery is not difficult if you carry out required research work. Good galleries are nowadays considering exploring their work by going online. Online platform can make it easy for artist to showcase their work to large audience. In San Diego finding good gallery is not difficult because maximum artist are coming up online to showcase their work. This can make it easy for you to view wide range of work in few clicks. Credits: Best San Diego Art Gallery Find Online | Myepi Art

So the next time you visit San Diego, include in your itinerary the visit to art galleries and getting a piece of art in the America’s finest city.

The Reasons I LOVE Art

When I was just a kid, we happened to visit an art gallery here in San Diego, California.

That encounter of mine with artworks was like a love at first sight scenario. I was so amazed how beautiful it was and the feeling  was simply beyond words.

Since then, my best buddies are my painting and drawing materials.

Every time I create and finish an art piece, the happy feeling is just overwhelming – it literally shows in my face when I smile 🙂

But later when I was in high school, I remember we had no class then and I was in the school library reading some art books, I read about byzantine arts.

It was my first taste of byzantine art and the urge of exploring it more and creating a similar style of art is simply irresistible.

Since then, I tried to copy the old drawings and give some of my personal touches with delicate observance of byzantine art style and characteristics.

My major byzantine personal project was using broken colored glasses and delicately form a wondering human face. It took me several months to finish it and the outcome is worth every ounce of effort and time.

Let us get back to the title of this article. The reason I love art is because of my deep feeling of joy every time I see and create an artwork.

It is the kind of feeling that I can make an art all day without long hour break and any compensation, and at the end of the day I feel like I am the most happiest person on earth.

There is no amount of words to express how and why I love art. I am just among the few devoted and passionate artists that will not replace what we do for anything.

We live the world of art and we die happily doing and appreciating its beauty.

If you are or have friends that are passionate of arts, please share and visit often this simple blog of mine 😉

Thank you and enjoy life!

P.S.: Please watch the video below and be inspired! 🙂